Making the old city young again


The Rabbis in the Mishna argue as to when the New Year for Trees falls. Is it the first of the Jewish month of Shvat or the 15th?  In the end, most agree that the day we commemorate each year is the 15th. There is one thing though, that no one argues and that is the importance of trees to the land of Israel. The early pioneers recognized this and planted trees throughout the land.

Trees represent another symbolic function for our people. By its nature, the foundation of a tree rests below the ground, unseen by passers by who marvel at the structure, its trunk and the branches that come forth. They do not however, see the roots of the tree that give it the sustenance to grow ever larger.  Such is our connection to Jerusalem and the branches (the communities) that we support in the areas known today as east Jerusalem.

While the roots of the city have brought forth great communities like Rehaviya, Ramat Eshkol, Talpiot and Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, our undivided capital, has long had one area that was separated from the rest of the country, east Jerusalem. If not for the work of Ateret Cohanim and our brave families and yeshiva students, this area would be a Jewish wasteland. Today

we can proudly see the fruits on the branches at Beit Rubin, Beit HaNof, Beit HaTzalam, Beit HaMaaravim, Beit Wittenberg, Beit Ovadiah, Beit Yehonatan and Beit Frumkin in Yemenite Village in the Shiloach, Beit Sarah in Kidmat Zion, and Maale HaZeitim on the Mount of Olives.

We were blessed this past year to see the US Government finally move its embassy to Jerusalem. It is our responsibility to keep that momentum going and provide the sustenance to make the roots produce more branches (and more communities) in our undivided, united capital of the Jewish people.

Please be our partner in our annual Tu B’Shvat campaign. To produce more branches, we have designated the following projects for your consideration:

  • Establishing a new nursery in Beit HaMaaravim
  • Procurement of 3 Megillot for Yemenite Villlage
  • Enhancing the Pina Chama on Rechov HaGai for Chayalim/Chayalot and Police
  • Emergency Medical Equipment

With your love and support these projects will nourish Jerusalem’s roots so our branches will spawn new seeds that will increase Jewish life in the heart of the Old City and surrounding neighborhoods.

As we look forward to Tu B’Shvat we thank you for your support and friendship,

Shoshana Hikind,
Executive Vice President