Making the old city young again


Beit Wittenberg


One of the most famous of the Ateret Cohanim properties is Beit Wittenberg, a building in the heart of the Arab Quarter of the Old City where Ariel Sharon took up legal residence in the 1980s. This, to demonstrate that Jews had a right to live anywhere in the city of Jerusalem.

A huge Israeli flag is draped from the windows of the apartment over a huge arch along one of the main thoroughfares (see image above), a constant reminder of the political contentiousness of this city.

Walking from the Kotel Plaza toward Sha’ar Shechem (Damascus Gate) by way of the Via Delorosa, you cannot miss it.

The property was purchased by the Wittenberg family in the 1880s in a deal brokered by famous Hebrew linguist Eliezar ben Yehuda. It was also recently discovered that the building was once the famous Mediterranean Hotel where Mark Twain stayed in Jerusalem when he visited in 1867