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Flower's Gate Playground

In 1988, the house and grounds of the Herods Gate (Flowers Gate) Compound were renovated under the care of Ateret Cohanim, in part for the families who were moving in and by American Friends of Ateret Cohanim.  The children's playground was originally built a few years later and renovated in 2005.  Now, nearly ten years later the playground needs repair and an extensive restoration, including proper flooring in accordance with municipal playground guidelines, to make it safer for children to use.  

The distance these children live from the comfort of the Jewish Quarter necessitates the importance of a viable and safe playground close to their homes.  How many more families would move to this neighborhood if they knew they had basic facilities for their children?  Help us help them.  click here

The Flower's Gate Compound area consists of 2 areas.  The main play area for children is in the front of the compound and a second area near the actual nursery is the play area for toddlers

New flooring / playground rubber mulch $25,000
New playground equipment (including large jungle gym) $30,000
Removal of old equipment $  3,500
Repair of existing equipment $  4,500
Outdoor furniture for parents and baby sitters $  5,000
Updated security cameras $  5,000

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Smaller Play Area
Main Play Area