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Between the Arches Restaurant

In the 13th Century after the expulsion of the Crusaders from the Holy Land, the Mamluks (1250 – 1517) began construction and development work in Jerusalem, primarily in the area adjacent to the Temple Mount.  Due to the height difference between the Temple Mount and the surrounding city, the Mount had been, since before this time, connected to the city by only two gateways - Shalshelet Gate and MaShgiach Gate.

Starting at the end of the 13th Century, and well into the 14th and 15th Centuries, the adjacent parts of the city were made to be level with the Temple Mount. This was accomplished by constructing a system of arches and arched walls which can be seen all over the area, especially in the tunnels of the Western Wall. It was upon these constructs that the structures adjacent to the Western Wall were built.

Bein HaKshatot (Between the Arches) restaurant is in the western part of this structural system, and the discovery of the building was valuable in learning about the powerful workmanship of those times. Aside from the structure itself, traces were discovered which indicate that the place served as an oil-press in medieval times. 
Recommended dishes include: grilled rolls of eggplant, filled with labane in pesto sauce; seared tuna steak in red wine sauce, served with slices of caramelized sweet-potatoes and sauteed mushrooms; salmon filet in teriyaki sauce, and tri-chocolate cake.

In addition to the rich and extensive menu, the restaurant specializes in hosting events in a special atmosphere,
an experience made all the better by the location.


Between the Arches
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