Making the old city young again

Rabbi Yosef Bronstein hails from Bayswater New York, but has been spending time in the scenic Washington Heights for as long as he can remember.  He took a leave of absence from his undergraduate studies at Yeshiva University to study in Israel at various Yeshivot including Kerem B’Yavneh, Har Etzion and Merkaz HaRav. Upon returning to New York he received a BA in Jewish Studies from Yeshiva College, ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and an MA in Talmudic Studies from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies.  He is currently a member of the Wexner Kollel Elyon, an instructor of Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva University’s Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies Honors Program and is a PhD candidate in the field of Talmudic Studies.
His Shiurim are featured on YU Torah
 July 28, 2017 - Parashat Devarim - Shabbat Chazon   What We Mourn click here
 July 21, 2017 - Parashat Matot-Masei   Our Happy Portion click here
 July 14, 2017 Parashat Pinchas   Three Weeks click here
 July 7, 2017 - Parashat Balak   Seeing History from a Mountaintop click here
 June 30, 2017 - Parashat Chukat   A Complex Reality Click here
 June 23, 2017 - Parashat Balak   The City of Peace and Truth  click here
 June 16, 2017 - Parashat Sh'lach    The Tale of Two Cities click here
 June 9, 2017 - Parashat Beha'alotcha   Hoping for Yerushalayim  click here
 June 2, 2017 - Parashat Naso   The Individualized Collectivity of Yerushalayim click here
 May 25, 2017  - Parashat Bamidbar   Becoming More Perfect click here
 May 19, 2017 - Parashat Behar-Bechukotai   The City of Hashem click here
 May 12, 2017 - Parashat Emor   The Kiddush Hashem of 1967 click here
 May 5, 2017 - Parashat Acharei Mot - Kedoshim   The Beauty of Yerushalayim click here
 April 28, 2017 - Parashat Tazria - Metzorah  Yerushalayim and the Avoidance of Lashon HaRa Click here
 April 21, 2017 - Parashat Shemini  The Suprarational Service of Yerushalayim click here
 April 14, 2017 Pesach   The Daughters of Yerushalayim click here 
 April 7, 2017 - Parashat Tzav  Mesirut Nefesh, Pesach and Yerushalayim click here
 March 31, 2017 - Parashat Vayikra  The City of Truth click here
 March 24, 2017 - Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei (HaChodesh)  Volunteering to Build the Walls of Yerushalayim click Here
 March 17, 2017 Parashat Ki Tisa / Shabbat Parah   The Sign of Yerushalayim click here
 March 10, 2017 - Parashat Tetzave-Purim (5777)   Inclusive Walls click here
 March 3, 2017 - Parashat Terumah (5777)   A Safe Yerushalayim click here
 February 23, 2017 - Parashat Mishpatim (5777)   The Builders of Yerushalayim  click here
 February 17, 2017 - Parashat Yitro (5777)   Is Yerushalayim Part of the Aseret HaDibrot? click here
 February 10, 2017 - Parashat Beshalach   Our Desire to build a Beit HaMikdash click here 
 February 3, 2017 - Parashat Bo (5777)   Connecting to Hashem click here
 January 27, 2017 - Parashat Vaeira (5777)    Desiring Yerushalayim  click here
 January 20, 2017 - Parashat Shemot (5777)   The City of Identity click here
 January 13, 2017 -  Parashat VaYechi    The Return to Normalcy click here
 January 6, 2017 - Parashat VaYigash   The Land of Tzion and Yerushalayim  click here
 December 30, 2016 - Parashat Miketz   The Dream of Yerushalayim click Here
 December 23, 2016 Parashat Vayeshev   Reminders of Yerushalayim  click here
 December 16, 2016 - Parashat VaYishlach   Yerushalayim’s Patience click here
 December 9, 2016 - Parashat VaYeitzei   People and Place click here
 December 2, 2016 - Parashat Toldot   The Wells and the Mikdash click here
 November 25, 2016 - Parashat Chayei Sarah   Returning the Scheniah to Its Home click here
 November 18, 2016 - Parashat Vayera   Fear and Protection click here
 November 11. 2016 Parashat Lech Lecha   The Holy Hidden Cty  click here
 November 4, 2017 - Parashat Noach   The City of Renewal click here
 October 28, 2016 - Parashat Beresheet   Yerushalayim as the Final Gan Eden click here
 October 14, 2016 Parashat Ha'Azinu    The Sukkah of the Future click here
 October 7, 2016 - Parashat VaYeilech   The City of Torah and Prayer click here
 September 30, 2016 - Parashat Nitzavim   The Capital of the Cosmos click here
 September 23, 2016 Parashat Ki Tavo   The Clarity of Yerushalayim click here
 September 16, 2016 - Parashat Ki-Teitzei   The Joyful Expansion of Yerushalayim click here
 September 09, 2016 Parashat Shoftim    The Double Meaning of Shelom Yerushalaim click here
 September 02, 2016 Parashat Re'eh   Working for Yerushalayim click here
 August 26, 2016 Parashat Eikev   Fearing Hashem in the Closest Place to Heaven click here
 August 19, 2016 Parashat VaEtchanan / Shabbat Nachamu   Keeping Yerushalayim in our Hearts and Prayers click here
 August 12, 2016 Parashat Devarim / Shabbat Chazon   The Gain of Pain click here
 August 5, 2016 - Parashat Mattos Maasei  The Consolation of Yerushalayim and the Faculty of Speech click here
 July 29, 2016 Parashat Pinchas   Members of Hashem’s Household click here
 July 22, 2016 Parashat Balak   Imagining Place click here
 July 15, 2016 Parashat Chukat  The Mysteries of Outside Jerusalem