Making the old city young again

Who cannot feel the pain of Jerusalem in these days when we recall the siege and ultimate destruction of Jerusalem and the sin of the 10 Spies rejecting Jerusalem and the Land of Israel?!!
In the Lamentations and  Selichot it says:
  • The city of Jerusalem is smitten
  • Oh G-d the heathen has come into thy inheritance..defiled thy Holy Temple...have laid Jerusalem in ruins
  • The faithful city has become a widow.....the house of Jacob has become a prey, a scorn and derision.
  • She (Jerusalem) who was as acceptable as a burnt offering and sweet as incense, is now drunken with poison, by the hands of the sons of wickedness
  • Raze it, raze it down to her (Jerusalem) foundations, said the children of Edom
Yes: We have a long way from those days of death, destruction and being subservient under the thumb of Assyrians, Babylonians...Ottomans or British.
Yes: We are a powerful, brilliant, sovereign independant Jewish State of Israel that has risen after the shattering Holocaust and centuries of persecution, and given wonders to the world in every sphere..
Yes: Today a united Jerusalem is the beautiful capital city of Israel, even if most of the world doesnt recognize this obvious fact and reality.
Yes: The Babylonians and Romans who once laid siege on Jerusalem, and  destroyed our Temple and State, are today, simple bylines in history books, and don't exist.
Yes - this is all true, but we are still under fire, in and over Jerusalem, at many levels. and under fire in general from Hamas-Gaza, from PA-Yehuda VeShomron, from Hezbollah , Iran and their other proxies)
Whether it be in the halls of the UN, UN-GA, UNESCO and other defunct, pathetic political bodies, who decry and ignore our 3800 yrs bond with Jerusalem. 
Whether it be the ongoing threats from enemy States and organizations (Iran, Syria, Turkey, Hezbollah, Hamas, PA, ISIS,..etc) who wish to wrench "our" Jerusalem away from us - the rightful heirs and indigenous people of the city and land.
Or whether it be the real "attacks" on the ground by Arabs, against our mere presence in the heart of the city.
These attacks include edicts/fatwahs declaring death to any Arab who sells land-buildings to Jews,torture to Arab middlemen who help in such deals, molotov cocktails and rock attacks against some of our families living in and around the Old City, threats of violence if Jews even dare to pray on the Temple Mount, illegal Arab building and a total dismissal or rejection of Jewish sovereignty in the city, huge influx of Arab funds being invested in predominantly Arab neighbourhoods to divide the city, incitement, hate education, world media, Arab press...etc. and also don't forget at national level - Fire kites destroying nature, missiles, terror tunnels, etc.
Ateret Cohanim is up against ALL OF THIS !!!
And so, in this 3 WEEKS PERIOD, when we recall the past, we are also obliged to rectify the present and make a better future for Jerusalem, with a flourishing Jewish life centred around Torah, in all neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, especially those in the Holy Basin - in and around the Old City.
During these 3 WEEKS (From 17th Tammuz till 9th Av) - ACT !!!
For those who have recently given a welcome and generouus donation -thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. 
BUT for those who haven't given recently to Ateret Cohanim...NOW IS THE TIME !!!
Maybe take on, or help finance a children's or security project...maybe help restore the "ruins" of Jerusalem by financing the rebuilding of an old Beit Knesset in the Shiloach or on the Mount of Olives.....or by financing a renovation to add a family to the Old City or the Shiloach.....or even financing the building of a neighbourhood (Kidmat Zion)....etc
Yes: there is alot to do, for our  modern day pioneers or maccabees or paratroopers fighting the 7th Day War over Jerusalem !!!
  • They destroyed Jerusalem. They laid siege to our city. We will break the siege and rebuild !!!
  • They burn and scorch the Land of Israel. We plant and make the Land flourish.
  • They hate, kill and destroy. We love, defend ourselves and build.
  • They use funds to extinguish Jewish life. We use funds to reignite Jewish life. 
  • They build "tunnels of murder" and other methods of destruction. We build playgrounds and nurseries. 
Thanks in advance. 
Lehitraot. Daniel
Donations can be made by bank transfer or via the internet or mailing cheque  to our NY address for those in US.
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