Making the old city young again

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Ateret Cohanim tours peak over Sukkot

Ateret Cohanim conducted their annual educational Chol HaMoed tours of the Old City, during Sukkot.
As in past years, the alleyways of the Old Jewish Quarter (Moslem Quarter of today) were flooded over Sukkot with thousands of Jews who flocked to the Kotel and who wanted a unique tour of the renewed Jewish presence in the area.
Close to 30 guides were coached and trained prior to Sukkot and every 10-15 minutes another group of 25-30 visitors went on tour.

The groups went on different routes, in both the Christian and Moslem Quarters of today and heard both historical facts, and current day issues facing the Yeshiva students and families living in the Old Jewish Quarter.

The groups visited places like Beit Wittenberg, Beit HaTzalam, Beit HaMaaRavim, Beit Diskin, Neot David, Beit Schechter, the Kotel HaKaTan and the Flowers gate compound. A highlight of the tours was the visit to the newly acquired Beit Volero –a huge compound with courtyard that was once the private residence of the famous Turkish banker –Rabbi Volero.

The groups also saw a new impressive movie about Jerusalem and Ateret Cohanim.
Ateret Cohanim was also meant to conduct educational tours in the old Yemenite Village, but due to the recent violent attacks by Arabs in the area, the police cancelled all tours and cordoned off the area altogether. Unfortunately, this also included the cancellation of the planned Simchat Beit HaShoeva celebrations in Beit Yehonatan.