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Knesset committee discusses Arab violence
Knesset Committee discusses Arab violence (children) in Shiloach and other neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

The last 6-8 months has seen a dramatic rise in acts of 'brash' aggression and violence, especially by Arab youth against Jews, in certain eastern neighbourhoods in Jerusalem. There have been unprecedented attacks by Arabs especially against the Jewish families and students in the old Yemenite village (Shiloach-Silwan) and attacks against Jewish drivers in cars driving in the area near Ir David and the Gan HaMelech. Only last Friday the head of Elad/Ir david was stoned by heavy blocks (with clear intention to kill) as he was driving along the main road near the Old city and in Ir David.

As such and as a result of what seems to be a lack of police protection/action and Jewish sovereignty in the area, the topic was brought up at todays (11/10/10)Knesset Committee about the "rights of the child".
The general comments/outcry at the Committee, was for serious action to be taken against both children and parents and for immediate punishments to be handed out to the Arab children themselves.

There was also a call by local Jewish families, for the sacking of the police commander of the area, who seems to have let the situation get out of hand, by allowing for Arabs to roam the streets and cause damage and destrcution at their will and whim.

Even some Egged buses have been attacked in this sector, with the numbers 1&2 buses going to the Kotel, being "forced" to take a different route, for a few days, because police weren't able or 'didnt want' to keep law and order and quell the Arab violence.

It was totally unacceptable to those ministers and Knesset members present that a/ Arabs can do as they wish in the area and b/ to let the security situation get out of hand in the heart of Jerusalem.

The message was clear : if Jerusalem is a united city and if it is to be properly under Jewish sovereignty, then the Arabs have to get the message and understand that law and order must be kept everywhere.
Basically - a stronger hand must to be shown against all Arab law breakers - from illegal Arab builders who flout and ignore the law, to Arab children who think they can brazenly stone, attack, or throw molotov cocktails at any Jew, and at any time without fear of Police or punishment.