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MK:Justice Ministry Bias to Jews
by Maayana Miskin & Yoni Kempinski, Israel National News

Members of Knesset who toured the City of David in Jerusalem on Tuesday expressed concern that Justice Ministry officials in the city may be guilty of discrimination against Jews. Officials prosecute Jews for illegal construction, while allowing hundreds of illegally built Arab houses to remain standing, MKs said.

Allegations of anti-Jewish bias were made by MK Miri Regev and MK Yariv Levin, both members of Likud. Regev and Levin charged that the Justice Ministry's determination to destroy the Jewish building Beit Yehonatan is discriminatory.

The MKs noted that the same Justice Ministry officials who have worked to seal off Beit Yehonatan have ignored 250 illegal Arab buildings in the same area. By exclusively targeting Jews, officials are going beyond mere law enforcement to set policy, they argued. As public servants, they added, they should be forbidden to do so.

Following Regev and Levin's criticism, MK Yoav Hasson (Kadima), head of the State Control Committee, brought members of his committee to visit the City of David and see the state of affairs for themselves.
Hasson asked state attorneys to explain the disproportionate enforcement of building law on Jewish homeowners. If the matter were a question of political or diplomatic policy it would be one thing, he said, but when it comes to legal matters, policy should be clear and should be applied equally to all.
The MKs were attacked by Arab residents of the neighborhood as they entered. None were injured, although the cars they were traveling in sustained damage.

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