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Chanukah at Beit Yonatan

Jewish light still burning at Beit Yehonatan in Shiloach
"Secure" Channukah candles lit at entrance

Notwithstanding the efforts by the Israeli State attorney to "turn out the lights" on Beit Yehonatan and evict the Jewish families and students, Beit Yehonatan is truly alive and well.

Last night as on other nights of Channukah, the candles were lit, with even one family lighting as Jewish law prescribes, at the entrance to the building.Due to the excessive Arab violence against the Jewish presence in the
area, it was neccesary to put the Menorah inside a stell mesh box for protection against molotov cocktails and concrete blocks that have been thrown at the families on a daily basis for months.

This follows another recent Halachik ruling that the families were permitted to place a steel mesh base under the schach on Sukkot for additional protection. Life hasn't been straight forward for the families in the area, due to Arab violence and aggession, but the students and families have a huge amount of faith and ideological drive to be pioneers at the forefront.
It is hoped that the Mayor of this united Jerusalem, who is trying to ensure Jewish sovereignty over all parts of the city, will be consistent in his approach and will also ensure a continued Jewish life in the Old Yemenite Village of Shiloach.  It should also be noted that the Police have also recommended for security reasons, not to evict the families from Beit Yehonatan but pressure from the State Attorneys office on the Police seems to have 'changed' the police assessment.
Yesterday (Sunday December 5th) Esther Pollard told representatives of Ateret Cohanim, that Jonathan is following the case very closely as the building was named for him - Jonathan Pollard.(Beit Yehonathan) It seems that when Jonathan heard that the Jewish authorities were going to evict the Jews from 'his' building, he fell faint and was taken to hospital. On recent visits from various Rabbis (Rabbi Shapiro and Rabbi Aviner) to the prison - when the rabbis asked Jonathan what can be done for him, he answered that his only concern was for Jewish life not to be extinguished in Beit Yehonatan. 
Beit Yehonatan is the crucible of oil found in Jerusalem. Beit Yehonatan's light should not, and will not be extinguished.  May the Maccabees of today in Beit Yehonatan have a real maybe even 'miraculous' victory over the Hellenists and Greeks of today !!!
Channukah Sameach

***Today (5th day Channukah) is the 126 year anniversary of the first Yemenite Jews dedicating the original Yemenite Synagogue in Kfar HaShiloach. (G-d willing this synagogue will be returned to the Jewish People very shortly)  From 1882 Yemenite Jews returned to Jerusalem and at its peak the thriving neighbourhood was home to 144-150 families. (About 900 Yemenite Jews).Following 2 sets of riots and pogroms by the Arabs, the ruling British occupiers evcited the last few Jewish residents and 'promised' in writing (By High Commissioner) that the Jewish "refugees" would be able to return shortly.(A British 'promise' before Silwan existed !!!)We have returned home to Kfar HaTeimanim in the Shiloach.
(Beit Yehonatan and Beit haDvash)