Making the old city young again

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Continuing to Remember
Danile Luria, Executive Director, Ateret Cohanim



Almost two weeks ago, on a Friday evening (Shabbat), we were reminded of the seeds of Amalek that still prey on the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. A beautiful family from Itamar – Ruth and Udi Fogel and children Hadas, Elad and Yoav - were brutally murdered by Arabs after a serene family Shabbat meal, punctuated by Divrei Torah, and Shabbat songs. It is hard to comprehend such hatred and “animal behavior”, that included the horrific stabbing of young children as they slept. But if one remembers who we are dealing with in this region - Hamas, Hizbollah, PA, El Aksa Brigades, Iran, Syria and millions of surrounding Arabs who want to see the end of the Jewish State of Israel, then such actions are indeed comprehensible.

Sadly, since we returned home on masse, over 200 years ago, we have been witness to waves of violence, pogroms, riots, murders, suicide bombers, missiles and a series of wars of annihilation.

The truth must be said - Amalek is alive. The legacy of Agag (King of Amalek), Haman, Hitler, Grand Mufti Husseini, and Arafat, is seen clearly in today’s leaders from many Arab countries and in the PA/Hamas.

Another truth must also be said - the guilty parties who perpetrated such brutalities must be given the death penalty. But they are not the only "guilty" ones. Those who educated such terrorists, those who preached at the mosques, those who even sat in the mosques and villages and encouraged/accepted/condoned/supported such actions, those who dance in the streets and hand out lollies in Gaza and Ramallah, those who name streets after such terrorists (not martyrs) and the thousands who attend the funerals of terrorists killed from time to time........all these are “guilty” and part of today’s Amalek.

Shabbat Zachor took place this past Shabbat. Purim is past and our thoughts turn to the preparations for Pesach. But Shabbat Zachor must remain in our hearts at all times. We should not wait until next year to REMEMBER AMALEK and his descendants wherever they may be. We should not allow the tragedy of the Fogels to simply slip away from our consciences and our consciousness. We must keep the surviving Fogel children –  Tamar, Roi and Yishai in our hearts and minds and not forget them. We pray that they may, somehow, emerge from this terrible tragedy whole and strong and courageous. With G-d’s help and your help that will happen.

Daniel Luria

We should also remember the following:

  • We have returned to our home and not been like previous imperial world conquerors. We haven’t stolen Palestinian land and there has never been a Palestinian nation on this land.
  • We have been attacked by a host of Arab nations (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973..etc) and thank G-d we have won every war and challenge thrust upon our nation.(With G-d’s help!!)
  • The world recognized our historical rights as the indigenous people to this land in 1917 and in 1921. Unfortunately 65% of the original “Homeland of the Jewish People” was ‘stolen’ from us and given by the British to create TransJordan.(1922)
  • Most Arabs came to this land from surrounding Arab countries after they saw growth and success brought by the advent and arrival of the Jewish People. We made the deserts bloom and the Arabs have benefited.
  • The so-called palestinian people didn’t exist…they don’t have a nation, heritage, roots, history or traditions that connect them whatsoever to this land. These same Arabs have stolen and squatted on Jewish land throughout the land of Israel. Jerusalem for all its ‘importance’ to the Arab world isn’t mentioned once in the Koran. And between the years 1948 to 1967, when theoretically the so-called Palestinian nation also existed why wasn’t there a call to create a state of Palestine. Why didn’t the Arab world do something about ‘their’ Jerusalem-Al Kuds when it was under Jordanian sovereignty?
  • Arabs have desecrated and squatted on old Jewish property in and around the Old City. Arabs are still today defiling and living in old synagogues both inside the Old City and in the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach.
  • Today’s Moslem Quarter was the hub of Jewish activity and life……. Silwan was Kfar HaShiloach-HaTeimainim……Sheich Jarrah was and should be known as Shimon HaTzaddik……..Silwan was first and foremost Ir David (City of David) and further east is known as Kfar Hashiloach…..Ras El Amud is Maaleh HaZeitim…….Abu Dis has primarily been built of Jewish land, officially bought by Jews in 1921-1924…Arabs have illegally built 120 homes in Gan HaMelech (Kings Garden)over the last 40 years and effectively destroyed a beautiful national park-green zoned area……Arab have built illegal homes throughout Jerusalem on public land and on privately owned Jewish land.
  • And of course according to Turkish census, there was a Jewish majority in the Old City of Jerusalem already in 1870.