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Arabs Riot Over 'Temple Mount Takeover'
Arabs rioted for a second day Saturday in protest over Israeli plans to 'take over' the Temple Mount


(Arutz 7)

Arabs rioted for a second daySaturday, at a funeral for an Arab who was allegedly killed by IDF fire. Arab sources claimed Saturday that 23-year old Talia Ramia had been killed in riots Friday, as hundreds of Arabs threw stones and attempted to attack IDF soldiers.

The riots took place near the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem as Arabs gathered to protest alleged Israeli attempts to “take over” theTemple Mount (Har Habyit). Israeli officials have stressed that there are no such plans.

Arabs claimed that IDF soldiers threw tear gas on the crowd of rioters, and also opened fire on them, killing Ramia. The IDF has not commented officially on the incident, but a spokesperson said that an investigation was underway.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad condemned the death of Ramia, and blamed the incident on the Israeli government. He also blamed the international community for “tolerating Israeli policy against the Palestinians, which cheapens the lives of Palestinians.”

Soldiers used anti-riot tactics during Saturday's unrest, as Arabs threw stones, burnedtires, and threw firebombs at IDF forces. Arab sources said that nine rioters were injured in Saturday's disturbances.



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