Making the old city young again

Sweet 'honey' Victory at Honey House
Beit HaDvash in Kfar HaShiloach


We can all drink a "LeChaim".
Yesterday afternoon - Sunday 10th June -  we received a wonderful sweet verdict - in our favour - from the courts re Beit HaDvash....known as the "Honey House" in the Yemenite Village.
Some of you may recall that a number of years ago, some idealistic Canadian investors helped to purchase a property with a small building in the old Yemenite Village. It was suitable for a single family.
We only moved into this building after some other investors had also acquired another foothold - a larger building 100 metres away, called Beit Yehonatan. (Dedicated in honour of Jonathan Pollard.) This building had potential for 7-8 families and a Kolel.
(Historical point - 144 Yemenite Jewish families lived in the village from 1882-1938...after which it was decimated by Arab riots and then the British removed the last few remaining Jewish families in August of 1938....Kfar HaShiloach, also known as Kfar HaTeimanim was void of Jews till we returned home in March 2004)
This "return home to Kfar HaTeimanim", happened over 7 years ago and ever since a number of Arabs have claimed ownership of Beit HaDvash-the Honey House, and have tried everything, including physical attacks, to throw us out of the area. There has been ongoing and costly legal actions taken, for the last 7 years. However a few weeks ago we had a court victory in the lower court, with the judge ruling in our-the Canadians favour.
The Arabs who have no shortage of funds from various local and overseas sources, of course appealed the decision, and already yesterday, a higher court again ruled in our favour and they lost the appeal.
Baruch Hashem- Thank G-d.
Its a serious weight off our shoulders.

Im not sure every day life will be easier for the lone pioneering family living in Beit HaDvash - the Tanami family, as the surrounding hostility and hatred is all around, but its still a nice and important victory.
Shira and Boaz Tanami and family were honoured at the Jerusalem Chai (American Friends of Ateret Cohanim) dinner in New York -2011.
For those who wish to assist in any way in the old Yemenite Village (Shiloach-Silwan) - to ease the lives of the residents in the are and help Ateret Cohanim - covering some/all of the past and current court actions, security roofing for playground, new bullet-proof vehicle, investing and developng properties in the area of Beit Yehonatan and Beit HaDvash, please be in touch or feel free to make any donation on line (Donations on linr cannot be used for land purchase) , or via the Jerusalem or NY offices.