Making the old city young again

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From Sadness to Joy


We are told by the great Sages, that we - the Jewish People, have potential to convert the days of tradegy and sadness to days of celebration and joy. It depends on our actions, our desire to get close to Hashem and to our willingness to reverse the ‘sins of old’ which initially brought tragedy upon the nation.
We are approaching the 3 Week period of semi mourning between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av. These days commemorate the ‘rejection’ of the Land of Israel by the 10 spies and nation who followed them and we of course remember the destruction of both Temples and the loss of Jewish sovereignity over Jerusalem and the Land itself. Close to 2000 years after the destruction of the Second Temple, we are still surrounded by tragedy. We still find people in the nation who are rejecting Hashem, rejecting the Land, who reject the concept of a united Jerusalem, and who cannot feel the pain of the lost Beit HaMikdash (Temple) on Mount Moriah. There are those who are not only cut off from their roots, but are cutting themselves off from the dream of returning to the 'Promised Land'.
2000 years after we were stripped of our rights in Jerusalem by the Romans, we are faced with an Arab majority in the Old City and its environs to the east, we have limited to no rights and access to the Temple Mount, which is desecrated on a daily basis by illegal foreigners and conquerors and our hold on a united Jerusalem is at times on shaky grounds. There is a ‘battle’ raging over sovereignity and possession of our Jerusalem. The Arab world is pumping millions of dollars-dinars into the eastern sector of Jerusalem with the specific aim to ‘divide’ the city ; there is an influx of Arabs into Jerusalem, as a result of the security fence around Jerusalem and the illegal Arab building in Jerusalem is out of control and rampant.
Notwithstanding the above, we have nevertheless moved along the road to the redemption of Jerusalem. A united Jerusalem has been declared by all Israeli Governments. We have returned to all sectors of the City. We have established Jewish neighbourhoods in the renewed Jewish Yishuv (Moslem & Christian Quarters), in the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach, in Maaleh HaZeitim (Ras El Amud) and in Kidmat Zion ( Abu Dis).
Jerusalem is in our hands, but it is only a start. To keep her firmly in our hands for generations, we need to act. We need to show a desire for her, we need a willingness to redeem, and build her and we need to strengthen Jewish roots in the heart of Jerusalem.
This is the message for the 3 Weeks. The message to invest in Jerusalem – to buy and own a piece of Jerusalem – to renovate a building in Jerusalem – to support a pioneering family living at the forefront in Jerusalem  -  to do whatever is needed to secure Jerusalem for the Jewish People.
We cannot afford to lose this ‘battle over Jerusalem’ !
Our ‘Jerusalem history’ is replete with the crumbling and destruction of the walls of Jerusalem. Conqueror after conqueror, has beseiged the city, and have driven her residents, away from the secure and holy walls of Jerusalem.
Today, G-d has given us the unique opportunity in the ever-progressing process of Redemption (Geula), to reverse past. Today, we can rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, we can reestablish Jewish neighbourhoods, we can return to the alleyways of Jerusalem and we can secure “our Jerusalem” for generations. We need to reverse the ailments of previous generations who rejected Jerusalem, by showing desire, by building and by securing Jerusalem.
It is said, that he who truly cries & mourns for Jerusalem, will one day, happily merit to see the rebuilding of Jerusalem. There is a time to cry, mourn, pray and sing about Jerusalem. There is also the time to act for Jerusalem, to show a passion for Jerusalem, to invest, and to help reclaim & build “Our Jerusalem”.  That time has come !
Please help us transform these 3 Weeks & Tisha B’Av to a period of joy for Jerusalem.
Be a partner of Ateret Cohanim in the rebuilding of Jerusalem.