Making the old city young again

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Vivian Singer brightens up playcentre.

Vivian Singer has once again brought smiles and joy to the 100 children who attend the main Ateret Cohanim playcentre in Beit Wittenberg. Vivian who is affectionately known by the children as "Aunty Vivian" sponsors an event for the children on an annual basis. Last year, Vivian sponsored a mobile zoo to come to the Old City, for a learning and fun experience with an assortment of animals. 

This time, the playcentre directors organized an educational kids show – an actor taking on various roles in a well known story-midrash, describing the issue of rain falling and needed water for the Oley Regel (Those who trekked to Jerusalem for Chagim). 
The kids were enthralled and participated in the live show of Nakdimon Ben Gurion and his relationship with Hashem that ultimately brought water for the Oley Regel. 

The show was performed twice – once for over 55-60 young girls and a second time for the 40-45 boys of the playcentre.
Of course no function can be complete without pizza and fairy floss. 
Auntie Vivian ensured that this too, was covered.
Our children need many Vivians !!!