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Ateret Cohanim Response to Terror Murder
Ateret Cohanim opens new Pina Chamah in Old City in response to murder of Adiel Kolman HY"D
Shop opened up in Old City in response to murder of Adiel Kolman hy"d 
This evening, in response to the murder of Adiel Kolman hy"d, a store-front shop (previously Pinah Chah for security personnel) was opened up by Ateret Cohanim and the youth of the Holy Basin. 
It was previously a small infrequently used "Pinah Chamah" - warm rest spot for security personnel, that was established by Ateret Cohanim, after the murder of Rabbi Nechemia Lavi hy"d, by an Arab terrorist 2 yrs ago, under the Beit Wittenberg complex. (Old Jewish Quarter-Moslem Quarter of today)
The new upgraded shop, under the Wittenberg complex (where Ariel Sharon z"l apartment is located) is close to the location where Adiel Kolman hy"d was murdered, and will be open every day of the week, bringing ongoing Jewish life and presence to the area.
It will be a welcome Jewish beacon of light, and security, as people walk from the Damascus Gate to the Kotel, and will act as both an information centre, and shop for people to stop, rest and have refreshments. 
Just a few days ago, we were given yet another stark reminder of the Arab hatred, incitement and terror, with the murder of Adiel Kolman hy"d, as he was walking from the City of David, where he worked, through the old Jewish Quarter of the Old City. He was murdered on Rechov HaGai, which is the main road, linking the Kotel, Beit Wittenberg and the Damascus Gate. It was a mere 100 mtrs from the spot where Rav Nechemiah Lavi hy"d was murdered by another Arab.
Daniel Luria (spokesman for Ateret Cohanim) said that - "One of the aims of this ongoing depraved Arab terror, is to drive out the Jews from the area and spread fear.But they will not succeed, as Am Yisrael has faith and inner strength of conviction. We will simply double and triple our presence in the area because our 3800 year bond with Jerusalem can never be broken . And our Jewish resolve will never be tarnished. This shop will add life, Jewish vitality and security to the area on the main route to the Kotel and Har HaBayit in the Old City." 
Since the murder of Adiel Kolman hy"d on 2nd Nisan (Sunday), the youth of the Old City have set a public open "shiva" area, near the place of the murder, in order to pray, learn and express their feelings. Rabbis and politicians have come to show solidarity and also give chizuk-strength and shiurim to the youth.
Tonight (Thursday) close to 200 youth from both the Old City and from Kochav Hshachar (Yishuv and home of Adiel Kolman hy"d) were learning and saying Tehillim in respect of Adiel.
Dvir Amior -the director of the Ariel youth movement was in attendance tonight, when the shop was officially opened up and made the following statement:
"When one sees the rebuilding of a Jewish settlement or home - one says: Blessed be He who establishes the borders of widows. At this time when one feels only pain and sorrow due to the murder of Adiel Kolman hy"d, who fell in the struggle of Eretz Israel and Jerusalem - Jerusalem is still being rebuilt with yet another foothold. And just as we saw in the Exodus from Egypt - the more they afflicted the Jewish people, the more they flourished and blossomed - so too we will strengthen our hold on Jerusalem ."
MK Moti Yogev also visited the youth sitting on Rechov Hagai near the place of the murder and said:"The voice of the blood of Adiel Kolman hy"d is screaming and calling us to action from the earth" Yet another beautiful Jew was murdered on his way from the Kotel and the regular press effectively ignores the "incident". I cam to stand side by side with Ateret Cohanim and the youth of the Old City -to show solidarity with the youth who have set up a place to learn and pray for the memory of Adiel hy"d, on this stret-Rechov HaGai.
The true Zionist response to such an ugly murder must be wide and many building approvals for more Jewish life and neighbourhoods, including the Flowers Gate compound project which is also close to this and other murders of Jews by Arabs.
Our response is building our land of Israel and strengthening our hold on the eternal capital of Jerusalem. Only this way, will the Arab murderers understand that their hatred, violence and terror will not bring them fruit.
The homes of these murderers and their families will be destroyed - while Jewish life and homes will be built and established.
We will continue to to work towards approvals for Jewish building throughout Jerusalem"
Daniel Luria 
Pictures...Adiel Kolman hy"d....Gabi Hershberg hy"d, who was murdered close to 20 years ago in the Old City close to the Damascus gate. Nextis the picture of the actual Arab terrorist who killed Gabi Hershberg hy"d and who was just released a few days ago, and was well received with hugs and blessings from Abu Mazen.
The only way to help stop this terror is by showing strength of conviction and add more Jewish life to the Old City and its environs.
They kill, murder and try to drive us out. Our response MUST BE to add more Jewish life, add Jewish children, and solidify our hold on the Old City and the surrounding neighbourhoods. 
Its time to act.
With Pesach around the corner, it pays to remember how it all started.....Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) didnt stand by idly and didnt sit on the fence when a fellow Jew was being beaten by an Egyptian taskmaster. HE ACTED.  You can help, donate now
Daniel Luria