Making the old city young again

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New "Old City" acqusition...
Mazal Tov Ateret Cohanim It happened at 3am Thursday morning 4th October, 2018
After a few years of tense negotiations, hurdles, and tribulations in the complicated real estate deal.....Ateret Cohanim has succeeded in ensuring the acquisition of a significant building inside the Old City.
Jewish investors have formally and legally purchased the corner property, in the Moslem Quarter of today, thus ensuring that another important Jewish foothold of the Old City has been achieved.
The building is located in close proximity to the Flowers Gate, in the old Jewish Quarter (Today's Moslem Quarter), and near other Jewish buildings in the area. (Beit Rubin-Warsaw, Beit HaNof, Beit Valero, Shaar HaPrachim, Beit HaEmet, Beit Yosef and Beit Dolgin.)
G-d willing, after the needed renovations, it is hoped that 2 families will be added to the complex.
In the general vicinity to the new acquisition, there are already currently 19 Jewish families, living in 7 buildings/compounds.
It is hoped that donations from supporters in Israel and around the world, will help with the renovations, to add the Jewish families, and will help with the much needed security projects, to ensure the safety and life of the families in the building and area. 
The new building will be referred to as Beit Gita - named after the special Rebbetzin, who recently passed away (Also granddaughter of the famed Reb Aryeh Levine z"l) and whose family and husband Rav, has strong connections to the investor/owner of the building.
Ateret Cohanim welcomes Beit Gita into the" family" of Jewish owned homes, that will revitalize Jewish life in the old Jewish Quarter, and the Holy Basin in general.
It should remembered, that until the Arab pogroms and riots of the 1920's-30's, the area was bustling with Jewish life, with a Jewish majority in the Old City in the late 19th Century. This life was decimated, but slowly and surely, Jews are returning home.
BEIT GITA is yet another natural expression and realization of the Jewish dream to return to the heart of Jerusalem, in the Old City, and close to the Temple Mount.
The entry operation went relatively smoothly and the job at hand - is for an injection of immediate funds, that are required to secure the building and to cover the costs of the security guards that will be needed for the building and for escorting people to-from the for security cameras, fencing, new locks, doors..etc.
Total needed $50-60,000 just for immediate security issues. Basic renovation costs TBA
Please be in touch if you can help with the entry operation and stage one security in this new project - Beit Gita.
Kol HaKavod Ateret Cohanim.
Kol HaKavod to all those involved in the acquisition. 
Kol HaKavod to the investor family.
And of course thanks from us-Ateret Cohanim and Jerusalem herself, to all those special people who knew beforehand about the new acquisition and have already send it monies or pledged for this new project.
וכן ירבו
I hope to hear from each of you.....with good news !!!!
May Hashem bless you and your families, so that you in turn, can help support Ateret Cohanim and build Jerusalem