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Wanted for Selling his House
Adeeb Joudeh says he sold his home to a Palestinian, but other Palestinians have condemned him to death, he says, now that Jews have moved into the Old City property
A Custodian of a Jerusalem Holy Site Sold His House to Palestinians. Now People Want Him Dead
(Credit) HaAretz Nir Hasson    Nov 11, 2018 
One day a month ago, at 5 A.M., Adeeb Joudeh realized that his world had collapsed. Joudeh, 55, is a well-respected figure in Jerusalem’s Old City. The Joudehs are one of the oldest Palestinian families in Jerusalem, one of the two Muslim families that hold the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The keys and custodianship have been passed down from father to son – Muslims – for centuries.
His role as keeper of the keys brings Joudeh to the church’s doors every morning. On that bitter morning he received a call from his neighbors in the Muslim Quarter. They told him to show up quickly because Jews had moved into the house he had sold.
                                          “I realized right away what had happened,” Joudeh says, even though he had “sold the house openly,
                                          to a person recommended  by everybody” – a Palestinian.
Since that morning, Joudeh has been defending his reputation in the city’s Palestinian community, where there's no greater crime than such a sale.
Since settlers moved in to the Joudeh family home, other deals have come to light in which houses were sold to Jews, with the accompanying dramas. This week, for example, every cemetery in East Jerusalem refused to bury Alla Kiresh, a victim of a car accident in the Jordan Valley, because his name was associated with the sale of a house to Jews. A fatwa to that effect was issued by a preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
In the end, Kiresh was buried without a ceremony outside Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority is holding Issam Akel on similar suspicions, with the Israel Police and Shin Bet Security Service trying to get him released.