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The Legal Forum to Cooperate
The Legal Forum to Cooperate with Jerusalem Police with Regard to Law Enforcement in East Jerusalem
The Legal Forum to Cooperate with Jerusalem Police with Regard to Law Enforcement in East Jerusalem
Last week, Legal Forum Director General Nachi Eyal, together with attorneys from the Forum met with Jerusalem Regional Police Commander Major General Yossi Pariente.
During the meeting representatives from the Legal Forum raised many problems relating to issues of the personal security of the residents of Jerusalem, particularly residents of the Muslim quarter in the Old City. 
The Jerusalem Law states: Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel. However is Jerusalem in fact united? Do residents in both parts of the city receive equal treatment from the authorities, or is the scar of the city's unification still noticeable forty five years later?
In recent years the Legal Forum has received numerous complaints regarding unequal law enforcement in both parts of the city. In West Jerusalem law enforcement is very stringent with regard to building and planning laws, peddling laws, and cleanliness and maintenance is at an adequate level. In East Jerusalem it is clear that there is a serious lack of law enforcement. Building and planning laws are violated repeatedly, the level of cleanliness is very poor and residents' complaints regarding noise levels in the late evening hours are hardly addressed.
Following complaints that were not handled, the Legal Forum prepared a special report detailing the growing problems faced by the residents, and the authorities' incompetence in providing solutions to these issues. The report describes the Legal Forum's activities with regard to a number of issues related to law enforcement in Jerusalem: the status of the Small Kotel, illegal building, damage to artifacts and noise pollution. Representatives from the Forum presented the report to Major General Pariente during the meeting.
Major General Pariente stated that there has been an increase in law enforcement with regard to issues raised by the Forum since his appointment last year, and these issues are handled within the framework and jurisdiction of the police. Major General Pariente understood the importance of the issues raised and stated that he considers them a major part of his agenda, and is pleased to cooperate with members of the Legal Forum.