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Pollard Hospitalized
Jonathan PollardButner, NC - Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday and underwent an emergency 15-hour surgery, which supports say has them wondering if he will survive the year
Israel’s Ch. 2 ( reports that, according to Effie Lahav, who heads up the Pollard advocacy group, the Committee to Free Pollard, said the former Israeli intelligence analyst’s “general condition is not good and he suffered a series of problems. We are not sure he will survive this year.”
Pollard has suffered from serious health problems for years, including liver and kidney-related issues that have worsened over the years.
Pollard’s growing health concerns have sparked an upswing in efforts by those seeking his release from the U.S. after spending almost 30 years in prison following his conviction on passing classified intelligence to Israel in 1987.
Over two months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the release of Pollard after it was revealed that the U.S.‘s NSA had spied on Israeli leaders, and Pollard’s name has routinely been mentioned in prisoner-release swaps between nations involved.
In February, thousands gathered at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv demanding Pollard’s release on humanitarian grounds, among them, Pollard’s wife Esther, who told the crowd, “Today, after nearly 30 years in prison, there is no one who does not know that Jonathan’s life sentence is grossly disproportionate and unjust.”