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42 Years Ago - Maalot

On May 15, 1974, three Lebanese terrorists entered Israel were they held hundreds of Israeli school children hostage in the city of Ma’alot. After 2 days of holding them hostage the terrorists eventually murdered 27 people including 22 children.
    42 years later, we remember these people whose life was cut so tragically short. Only now shared is a letter of one courageous girl, Elana Naaman, who wrote a letter to her family, just hours before she was killed. Elana was only 15.5 when she was killed in the Ma’a lot Massacre.

    Below is the emotional letter of a girl’s last words:

Dear Mom and Dad, hello!
The time is now 11:00 am. I do not know how many hours I have left to live, so I’m writing to you.
 I’m sorry, Mom, that I didn’t listen to you and I went on the trip. Yeah, I know you didn’t force me to stay, but you were concerned, and preferred that I not go. But I went. Because I knew my job.
 I wanted to say thank you for the education you gave me and the amazing years I had- all thanks to you!
Now I’m 15 and a half and if I have to die, I will die quietly with dignity and faith, yes faith, that you gave to me. You told me that life without faith is always trivial and much more painful, and now in these difficult times I have a lot of faith. And faith that you are right.
    Life gives a person a lot, and though I didn’t have a choice in almost anything, not when and where to be born, and who to be born to, but I had a good life… I was a religious kid, in Israel, with wonderful parents – with you.
    Large hours – I haven’t had, that I did not merit to get and probably will not merit, but thanks to you I passed the test of honor at small and dark hours, regular daily hours.
    Mom, do not cry a lot when I die. When Rivka has her baby, name it after me- Ilan or Ilana, and raise him like me to be strong, and make sure he knows what his goal in life and why he was born.
    I know that you’ve had a hard life before and after I was born, and when I die it will be even more difficult, but always remember that hardships will bring hours of joy and satisfaction.
    I am not crying, my eyes are dry, it won’t hurt when I die, I’m not sorry, and when I say “Shema Israel” at my last hour, I will think about you.
    I had to make the trip, we should not stop living life- the danger lies everywhere and if we have been decreed in heaven, it will always happen. If we hide in shelters, our danger is greater. It is better to live  moral life and die for Kidush Hashem!
    This letter will be my last world. Please show all members of the family this letter send them with great love regards from me. To all my friends and neighbors send them success! This is my last chance for in an hour I will leave you.
    Goodbye Forever.
    Lovingly, your daughter – Elana