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Ateret Cohanim Statement

Statement by Ateret Cohanim

December 25, 2016

In response to the most recent UN resolution "effecively supported" by the US: 
Ateret Cohanim rejects outright the latest anti-Israel UN resolution (re Jerusalem and settlements),  and anyone who stood behind such an outrageous, irrelevant, absurd and even irresponsible resolution. 

We at Ateret Cohanim - will double & triple our efforts to fulfil a 2000 years old dream, since our expulsion from Jerusalem and Israel by the Romans, of returning Jewish life to the Old City and its environs. 
Not the UN, UNESCO, US with its Obama-like leaders, the Arab League, and nor the PA/Hamas, Moslem Arab hatred, violence, terror and  incitement, will deter us from our vital endeavours and work. 
It is our natural and historical right to live in peace and security, anywhere in Jerusalem, and as such, we will continue to strengthen those Jewish roots in the Holy Basin. And there is nothing that the world can do about it !
Jerusalem, with Mt Moriah-the Temple Mount at its epicentre, has been intrinsically connected to the Jewish People for close to 4000 years, and this bond is eternal and unbreakable. 
Thank G-d, 50 years ago in 1967, and due to the miraculous Six Day War, Jerusalem was finally liberated and the holy city returned to her rightful indigenous owners and heirs.
A united Jerusalem belongs solely to the Jewish People.....the true sons of Abraham.
Shame on you UN. Shame on you. Yet another stain on the UN.
מי לירושלים -אלינו 
He, who is for Jerusalem  -
step up to us at Ateret Cohanim now !
Channukah Sameach
Happy Channukah from "our" Jerusalem, Israel
Daniel Luria - Executive Director Ateret Cohanim
List of Projects:  Please Contact our Office 212-216-9270 or email Shani click here or Daniel click here
  • Old City -Beit HaNoftallest building in Old City Sit, relax and be inspired" rooftop of Beit HaNof (Old City (Synthetic grass, plants, fence, rocking benches   $3600

  • Old City spectacular Scenic lookout on Beit HaNof (Old City )to be named  "Nechemiahs Lookout" after Rav Nechemiah Lavi hy"d who was murdered by Arabs on Sukkot 2015, under Beit Wittenberg Dedication plaque for lookout sponsor(s) $25,000

  • Model of Har HaMoriah and Beit HaMikdash on rooftop of Beit HaNof or Beit HaTzalam (Main stops on all Ateret Cohanim tours          Naming rights available    $20,000

  • Yemenite Village Lookout on Beit Rachel
    Scenic lookout with extraordinary views of Old City and City of David       $10,000
    City of David plus Temple Mount model on rooftop of Beit Rachel              $25,000
    Whole project - Single sponsor :                                                                        $30,000

  • Yemenite Beit Knesset Complex - single room being temporarily used for tefilot
    Benches (*8) and shtenderim (*8) needed for 30-35 mitpallelim                  $3200
    Or donate a shtender for $75 or donate a bench for $325


  • SPONSORS FOR 50th Year projects (LIBI BAMIZRACH)

  • Ateret Cohanim map : Sponsors (Up to 5) required ASAP - full or partial sponsorship

  • Names of families and/or companies to be advertised on thousands of maps for coming year or more
    $2500 for 7*7 cms ad (Only 4-5 ads available )
    $7500 for major sponsorship of this important Ateret Cohanim map (3 ads)
    $10,000 for sole sponsorship

  • Jerusalem concert in Zedekiahs Cave or in Catacombs near Kotel-Achar Kotleinu (May 2017)

  •  Libi BaMizrach sponsors - $3600, $5000, $10,000, $18,000

  • Sponsors will be advertised and receive free tickets for family (4 free tickets per $1800 sponsorship)

  • Naming rights for concert with Ateret Cohanim : $25,000

  • First ever Jerusalem bike ride in footsteps of paratroopers (May 2017)

  • Sponsors for Tshirts $3600 and water bottles $2800

  • Naming rights for bike-ride with Ateret Cohanim : $18,000

  • Brilliant and informative SIX DAY WAR book written by Chagi Ben Artzi (English version)

  • Sponsorship with dedication for donor inside book $3600

  • Official Israel Postal Authority 50 year Jerusalem STAMP with Ateret Cohanim info in folder/booklet
    2 Sponsorships at $3600 each  
    Sole sponsorship for limited edition :  $7200
  • Flags (Israel, Jerusalem and Libi BaMizrach) on various strategic buildings in and around the Old City to be replaced every quarter (3-4 months)
    $360 per quarter ($1440 per year $1500)
  • New standard flag pole/ropes for rooftops in and around Old City $1500 per unit (10-12 Units required for standard 3-6 mtrs poles)
  • New flag pole with logo/insignia/name of building ON EACH BUILDING FACE $1200 per unit (15-20 units required)
  • Large lead light Menorot/Channukiot and Magen David On buildings in the old Yemenite Village -Shiloach (Silwan) Cost : $1500