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PA in Turmoil
Racism, Torture, Unethical edicts, Breach of Oslo accords, and Corruption

Opinion piece -By Lavan Blackman

Anyone reading both the Arab and Israel press over the last couple of weeks, will come to the conclusion that the PA is in turmoil, and that their true face, regarding land sales to Jews has been truly exposed.

Two recent news stories have blown the lid on the shocking attittude and actions of the Moslem world regarding Jews buying properties or buildings in Jerusalem.
In any modern day - non banana republic, ethical democratic country that respects the rule of law, anyone has the right to sell, and anyone has the right to buy.
The days of selective sales,.and of racist laws forbidding sales to any ethnic or other group is gone.

Well - nearly gone, except for the PA-HAMAS-WAKF and segments of the radial Moslem world. In their world, its forbidden to sell land or buildings or apartments to Jews, especially in Jerusalem.

He who breaks the "edict-law", can be put to death and middlemen can be tortured or worse. None of the sellers or middlemen can be given a normal Moslem burial.
I suggest to all my readers to read these above lines again.
The 2 news items unfolding in Jerusalem:

1/ An Arab resident from Jerusalem, under Israeli jurisdiction (also a US citizen) was arrested by the PA, tortured and taken to a PA jail, for being "allegedly" involved in a sale of a building to Jewish concerns, in the Old City of Jerusalem.

2/ Another Arab resident from Jerusalem who was killed in a car crash on Highway 90 near the Dead Sea, was disallowed a normal Moslem burial, for his "alleged" involvement with a sale of a building to Jewish concerns in the Old City of Jerusalem.
There are many questions surrounding these true stories, about racism, torture, corruption within the PA, questions about quiet cooperation between Israel and those within the PA, and serious questions about the undemocratic or fanatic behaviour of the PA.
But i ask the following in this opinion piece :
1/ By what right does the PA have to arrest Jerusalem residents? The Oslo accords forbids such actions. Why does the Israeli Governemnt allow such actions from a  foreign body in the heart of Jerusalem?

2/ Why aren't there laws in Israel forbidding such actions by the PA and why aren't there laws protecting all people who sell? Why aren't there laws that would enable Police to arrest those involved in torture, or involved in harrassing and stopping Arabs from selling to Jews.

3/ In fact, where are all those "bleeding heart left wing liberals" screaming "GEVALT"-"STOP" to the actions of the PA and to the unethical edicts?
They care about some left wing overseas BDS activist under investigation, but a tortured Arab from Jerusalem "effectively kidnapped" by the PA, tortured and kept in a PA jail, for allegedly selling to Jews, doesn't faze them or merit a response? Total silence?

I smell hypocrisy par excellance !!
The upshot from these news stories.

1/ There is disarray and anger within the PA. Noone trusts anyone. Noone knows if, or who is working with the Jews and who isn't. The PA, some senior officials within the PA security apparatus and the internal PA detractors,(Like Mohammed Dahlan) are blaming each other, for the recent sales to Jewish concerns. (Whether facilitated by Ateret Cohanim, affiliates or otherwise)
2 /The Israel Police, backed by the Border patrol police, have made some arrests of PA officials who were apparently working in Jerusalem against land sales and they also confiscated computers and files from ther offices regarding the questionable or illegal activities in Jerusalem.
Incitement in fiery anti Israeli speeches by certain Imams about selling to Jews, are also now under the eye of the Israeli authorities.
3/ The issues at hand have been discussed at the highest Govenmental level with a recent parliamentary session on the topic. Further practical actions will now be taken by the Government. ( Ministry of Justice, ministry of Internal Securty and Police...etc)
Maybe we are seeing the small light at the end of the Jerusalem tunnel - that will see the demise of these unethical edicts and actions by the PA-HAMAS-WAKF against Arab land dealers or sellers. And maybe its the end of arrogant illegal actions by the PA in Jerusalem.
Maybe one day - in the same way that Arabs buy and live in peace in certain predominantly Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, we will see the day when Jews will be able to buy and live freely, and Arabs be able to sell freely, in any neighborhood in Jerusalem, whether it be a predominantly Arab neighbourhood of Silwan-Shiloach, Har HaZeitim-Ras ElAmud, Sheich Jarrah-Shimon HaTzaddik and anywhere else in the Old City.
Maybe - just maybe, we need to expose to the world, the true ugly face of the PA-HAMAS-WAKF and all Moslem extremists, in regards to "Jerusalem real estate".
And thank G-d this is now happening.