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Where are the great Iranian (Persian) leaders like Kings Cyrus and Darius?

Iranian President Rouhani has a lot to learn about the Jewish people and Iran's (Persia) past. In fact al recent Iranian leaders like Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Khatami, and Ahmadinejad, need to truly brush up on their own history.

The Great Iranian (Persian) rulers like King Cyrus (First ruler of new Persian Empire, who united Mede, Persia and easily conquered Babylon)and King Darius (Some sources claim he was the son of Queen Esther), not only recognized the Jewish connection with the Land of Israel, but they both made famous declarations calling on the Jewish people to return to their Homeland and to rebuild Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.

Whether it be Cyrus in 538 BCE or Darius in 516 BCE, they both ensured that Jerusalem would be rebuilt by even sending "goods" (gold, silver….etc) and encouraging Jews around the Empire to also support the "diligent builders" of Jerusalem.

Oh how, the tables have turned, with today's petty and hate-filled Iranian leaders denying the Holocaust and calling for the destruction of the tiny Jewish State. Today's Iranian leaders with their fanatical Shiite ideology or brand of Islam, is spreading hatred, terror and fanatical Islam to all corners of the world.

(Note : Following the Moslem invasion of 680-700 CE and the advent of Islam, Iran took on a new "complexion", not resembling the Persian Empire of the past)

King Cyrus was a true world leader, tolerant, believing in freedom of religion, a conqueror yet liberator, and was even referred to as the "Masiach" of sorts – or non-Jewish saviour who liberated the Jews from the exile of Babylon.

The books of Ezra and Nechemiah are full of praise towards these early Persian Empire Rulers.

To honour "Cyrus the Great" and to remind the world about the true indigenous people of Israel  (The Jewish People) and our eternal connection and unbreakable bond with Jerusalem, the Iranian Jewish Community of NY (Albert Bassal in particular) spearheaded  a project to issue the "First ever golden stamp" commemorating the Cyrus Declaration regarding "OUR" Jerusalem over 2500 years ago. The Israel Postal services received Government approval for such a stamp and it was recently presented to the Israel Museum by the Iranian Jewish Federation of NY, in a moving ceremony at the museum.

Ateret Cohanim is at the forefront of keeping Jerusalem in Jewish hands and sees great importance in such a stamp being issued.

It was an inspirational declaration 2500 years ago and Ateret Cohanim is calling upon all Jews to make such declarations today – by both words and actions.

King Cyrus and King Darius (the 3rd) called upon world Jewry to support Jerusalem.

On behalf of Ateret Cohanim, I am making the same appeal to world Jewry.


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** With Purim around the corner – it is incumbent upon us to recall not just Haman and the Persian King Ahashverosh (Xerxes) but rather King Cyrus and King Darius.

Purim Sameach