Making the old city young again


Art B'Aretz

NEW-Ateret Cohanim is now offering families/Bar-Bat Mitzvah groups a new concept!
JERUSALEM FOOD AND ART WITH the Art Ba’Aretz program.
The Art Ba’Aretz evening includes a fun night out, good food in our restaurant (Between the Arches) and an enjoyable personal take home piece of art.
The Art Ba’Aretz team is dedicated to provide a professional artistic atmosphere in a fun and relaxed environment. The participants will enjoy a step by step instruction by a enthusiastic instructor with an extensive art background.The painting on canvas, is chosen specifically for the each and every distinct group according to their experience in Israel. 
Please contact Ateret Cohanim to schedule your group's Art Ba'Aretz event for the upcoming calendar year. Add us to your itinary - for a new lively and wonderful experience. (Perfect for Bar-Bat Mitzvah groups or for those families who are looking for something new to do in Jerusalem)
Art Ba'Aretz price - only $35 per person plus cost of milchig-dairy meal $45-60 per person depending on menu.
** Note: Minimum of 25 people required for restaurant/art combination. Option available for ART ONLY in Ariel Sharon's apartment-Beit Wittenberg (Mark Twain also stayed in building in 1867)
Also possibilities for short or long unique Ateret Cohanim tour.(Including Zedekiahs cave)
 Bar-Bat Mitzvah groups - can order and release white doves with messages-brachot for Bar-Bat mitzvah. 
So please call the Ateret Cohanim Jerusalem office now.
Daniel Luria - 972-54-654-4407 or email